Sex Toys for Women

Sex toys for women have been around for many centuries. Women, for generations, have used many daily objects to satisfy their urges. They have been around for many years before the Sex and the City happened, where we could see the women orgasm to a Bodywand or other personal massagers. Today, there are a plethora of sex toys to choose from, 100s of quality pleasure brands roll out many new sex toys each year to help couples spice up their bedroom sex life.

Sex Toys are considered to be a luxury for many, however, that’s not necessarily the case. With increased R&D, many brands are now able to offer quality products at an economical price point. Here are top toys for women that you can get for less than INR 5,000/-.


Rocks-off colour bullets

Rocks-off Bullet is sensational and super discreet. Here on the list are these new limited-edition power packed pleasure bullets that will entice and tease you with 7 addictive sinful settings of pure ecstasy! This is also 100% waterproof which means you can take your bullet anywhere with you, even in the bath-tub. It is easy to see why this award-winning RocksOff joy toy is a girl’s best friend! Available in 7 colours that will send you to seventh heaven! Try them, love them, collect them We dare you!

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Bswish bgood classic vibrator

Another great sex toy on the list is the one true gem of a toy from Bswish, Europe’s highly regarded adult pleasure brand. The one to make on this list is the Bswish Bgood Classic Vibrator. Bgood to yourself or someone else. B Swish redefines the classic massager with this velvety smooth 7″ waterproof, 5-function, button click-controlled massager. Let its silky touch guide you from whisper-soft caresses to explosive vibes.  Be adventurous, be fulfilled with this classic massager. The multi-speed function will take you from a whisper to explosion in mere seconds.

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Bswish bwild classic marine

The third toy on the list is also from Bswish, Why? Cause they make great pleasure toys that are also very economically priced. The Bwild Classic Marine is 6? of dual-motor power yet extraordinarily silent and perfect for shared houses. Featuring an up-angled smooth shaft with a uniquely contoured head, the shape naturally targets and massages the nerve-ending rich g-spot. The 5-functions and dual motors are cycled through with the click of a single button at the base of the massager. The buttons lit by a white light for easy play in the dark.

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Fifty Shades Of Grey Butt Plug

The fourth toy on the list is butt plugs as these are extremely popular toys for someone who is into anal play. However, butt plugs are a fantastic sex toy because they allow you to focus on other pleasure centres, while they simply stay in. It is also a great all day sensual toy, and many enjoy wearing it all day. The butt plug featured here is the Fifty Shades Of Grey Something Forbidden Butt Plug. Sized especially for beginners, the soft plug slips inside you there to awaken new pleasure zones and enhance your sexual satisfaction. It is designed to slide in with utmost ease and comfort. A finger loop at the base stops the plug from going anywhere and gives you total control of the plug to maximise stimulation during wear. This is also a unisex toy cause we all have a butthole. So, when you two are in bed, you both will enjoy improved orgasmic response as your climactic contractions squeeze you tightly around the plug. For ultimate satisfaction, lubricate the full length of the plug and yourself before insertion, helping the plug to glide inside you and maximizing sensations during wear easily.

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