Striptease guide to drive your partner crazy

Striptease guide to drive your partner crazy

When you are in love, you leave no stone unturned to make your partner feel special, striptease is one crazy way to Tempt, Tantalize and Tease your lover. It certainly spices up the love with the right ingredients and can awaken the demon in him.. Of, course if done right!!

A Striptease act is the sexiest way to spice it up on the bed. This will help you stimulate your lover’s senses like never before, and you’d be excited to see him burn with desires. While most women find it exciting, but they find it inhibiting due to their discomfort with their own body shapes. In this blog, we help women overcome these inhibitions, be more expressive and comfortable to be able to satiate the needs of their partners. Here are a few tips that shall get you going.

Play some music.

If it’s the first time you are performing something like this or if you’ve tried it but aren’t comfortable as yet, you should try some music. Music will do two things for you, 1. it will help you set the mood for the night and make you feel more confident 2. If you play the right track, it will help you in exciting your partner to his nerves. It helps to increase the level of Feel-good feeling. If you are good at dance, you can learn some striptease moves by watching some tutorials on YouTube.

Avoid something you not comfortable with

If you are planning to perform an erotic dance session for your lover, it is ideal that you maintain some distance. Strip dance is mostly a treat for the eyes more than for the body. Striptease is about creating some space and being sexy all by yourself. If you are not comfortable with any or all of it, please don’t do it. Remember the goal of this is to spice up your love life, and if you aren’t comfortable doing it, you will find it difficult to achieve it.

Keep a check on layers

Baci Dreams Schoolgirl Green/Black Plaid Skirt

Striptease is all about stripping. Stripping everything you have on you, so it is ideal that you don’t have too many layers on you. If you are unsure of what to wear, you can consider adding role-play costumes and take it to the all-new level. If your partner loves to dominate you, wear the costume of a student and have him play the role of a teacher. You can also try out other outfits available on IMbesharam

Tie your man

Tie your man with sex & mischief black furry handcuffs

Men are generally very impulsive when it comes to sex, most of them can’t resist themselves from touching, kissing or caressing their lovers when they see their partners performing an erotic act like this one. If your partner is one such guy, it is better that you tie him up. Once he’s tied up, you can have all the control of your movements, distance, moves and more. So, once you are ready, give him a chair and handcuff him

Slide it

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Let your clothes and his jaw touch the floor in awe. To do this, let all your layers slide to the floor, don’t pull them up. A key to achieve this is that you wear everything that is easy to take-off, unbutton. Don’t wear an extremely tight dress or apparel that takes long to come off or something that you’d have to fidget with constantly. You can now shop for erotic lingerie from IMbesharam

Have Fun

Remember to have fun all throughout this act. Remember to tease your partner, walking close to him and then walking away with grace. For intricate things like corset hooks or anything like that, walk to him and make him help you unhook it. You can also have him stand right behind you and strip the last piece of cloth from your body, showing that you are now ready to be touched and explored by your man.

These are some of the tips that you can keep in mind to make your striptease session erotic, fun, pleasurable and give you both a night to remember. To shop erotic items, accessories or bedroom games visit

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