How to make performing oral sex exciting for your partner?

Making oral sex exciting for your partner

Foreplay is important for a good sex session and to fully arouse your partner. It is essentially good for women as they take longer to feel fully aroused. Foreplay usually involves touching, caressing, kissing, licking and more. Many women complaints on lack of adequate foreplay which results in discomfort or pain during sex.

Foreplay is a broad term, and people tend to define it in various ways, but in simpler terms, foreplay is something that excites someone to have penetrative sex, you are free to include everything and anything that excites you. Some people consider role-play and oral sex as a part of foreplay.

Oral sex, is an act of going down on your partner. All that said both women and men find it challenging to perform down the bush.  Some even report discomfort while receiving oral sex. Yes! You read that right; some find it difficult to relax and let it happen. In this topic, we are addressing the former – the performer. How to make oral sex comfortable and exciting for the performer? Read to find out.

Oral Sex Hygiene


Oral sex means stimulating your partner’s genital or anal area with your mouth for providing sexual pleasure. Since our childhood, we’ve all been taught to examine and re-examine everything before we put anything in our mouth. So, when it comes to having your partner’s genitals in your mouth, you are bound to feel curious. This could change if you ensure the maximum hygiene and take precautions to give utmost comfort to your partner.

Sex Positions

The position:

Pick a position that is comfortable for your partner as it is comfortable for you. For instance, many enjoy making their partner go down on their knees lick and suck you out. If you are someone who takes longer to orgasms, you should avoid making your partner perform on you while being in this position; for a simple reason as that might hurt their knees or their neck. So what do you do? You want your partner to perform on you till the point you orgasm then you must ensure that they are in utmost comfort and men should stop giving their partners a head push to ask them to go deeper, you can use your mouth and tell them to go down.

Condom man


Ensuring hygiene doesn’t take away the fears completely, you need to make do more and condoms are one great way to ensure that the risks of STIs or other diseases is reduced to a very minimum. While performing oral on your female partner, one can use dental dams. Dental dams are condoms for oral sex; these are thin latex (the same material is used to make condoms) sheets and using them is simple too. Just place it on the vaginal opening or the anal opening – if you are keen to pleasure your partner’s anal rims and start the job.

No Swallowing

No Swallowing:

Orgasms are impulsive, you cannot time them right while you are enjoying an oral sex session? That’s the ultimate goal. So, the chances of someone acting responsible and caring during that split second is very unimaginable. So, what do you do? Where do you orgasm, in her/his mouth? Not really. You can pre-discuss when, where, and how your partner ejaculates during a blow job or fellatio. You don’t need to swallow it, and you can ask your partner to either orgasm on your or his own body. It could be very sexy.

So here you have it, these are some of the things that you need to keep in mind to make the oral sex experience extremely intimate and exciting for both you and your performing partner.

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