Play “Fastest Finger First”


When your beau gets frisky during a 'Ye' concert and your night ends up in multiple orgasms.

“My beau and I were partying at Coachella when we met up with friends to watch Kanye West. My friends were really excited about Kanye, but we weren’t as much. We were rolling and bored and feeling frisky, so we started grinding on each other during the set. We moved to the back of our group, and I wrapped my scarf around myself. And he started to finger me during the concert right behind my friends. Kanye was hyping it up with the latest hit ‘I Love It’ screaming – ‘Cause you know in the old days, they couldn’t say the shit they wanted to say.
They had to fake orgasms and shit. We can tell niggas today, “Hey, I wanna cum, mothafucka’

And it couldn’t be more perfect timing. After I orgasmed a couple times, we went back to normal dancing and nobody seemed to notice. It made listening to Kanye a hell of a lot more exciting- and from that moment on we’re loyal to the Ye-Stan!”

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December 28, 2018

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