My New Year’s Eve

A steamy, racy, make-out scene between a girl and a guy on the New Year's Eve. In the Besharam spirit, they don't care who sees them and just have a gala time!

There’s something about the New Year’s Eve that leaves everyone d­runk, and it’s not just alcohol. As the DJ played the year’s hottest numbers, we tapped our feet on, I felt his hands slide over my back, and resting on my ass. I felt his hands growing warm over my curves, as he played with the hem of my short dress, shorter than I usually wear, but today I had wanted to look sexier than usual.

I could feel his fingers sliding casually underneath my little black dress on that dimly lit dance floor. Not sure about him, but I was certainly conscious of the crowd around me, even with the dim lights around. His hands however were confident in the illusion of the privacy that the dimness created.

Usually I prefer my dildo, but this was an exceptional man 🙂

I had dropped enough hints that I wanted him.  He had picked them well, of course. He drew me close, moved behind me and held me by my waist. I could feel him harden against the crack of my butt. His hands slid higher, fingers barely touching my skin, till his fingers touches my now soaked flimsy panties.

As the countdown began, and the lights grew dimmer, I knew I could moan while people loudly counted. His fingers now openly exploring my folds under my dress as I dripped. At the strike of 12, he pulled his hands away, me, just a moment away from my explosion. A naughty wink, a mischievous smile and he gently guided me through the crowded dance floor.



The night was young, too young to go home. Instead, he dragged me to a quiet corner and gently pushed me on a low couch. I was nervous about being discovered and yet knew that the table was high enough and at an angle where we won’t be seen. Before I could say a no, his hands were already pulling my panties away. “Useless they are, aren’t they?”, he said with a good-humoured smirk.

Before I could respond, he was wearing a condom. “ That’s impressive!” I thought to myself and before I knew, he was inside me.

His lips on mine, my moans and sighs suppressed, I gasped for breath as he pumped in and out of me. My dress was bunched up above my waist as he eagerly grabbed my firm breasts, teasing them, taunting my nipples.

As he pumped in and out of me, in rhythm with the now loud and thumping music, I wondered if anyone saw us. His fervent kiss sealed it all as he came and collapsed on me. As we took a few minutes to settle down, sit up and look publicly presentable again, the music was still going on and people dancing passionately. I wondered if anyone saw us. If they did, it no longer mattered. My new year had begun!



I am a fun person who gets to watch porn for research. I have written books about BDSM and these days I love writing here in my newly discovered bindaas and Besharam style. Any questions, fantasies you want to have stories written about, or confessions to share, do drop me a line :)

January 15, 2019

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