How to Use Vibrators to Get Multiple Orgasms

How to Use Vibrators to Get Multiple Orgasms

Some moods and occasions tempt women to reach for their buzzers. Be it for solo pleasure or just to add a naughty twist to partnered encounter, vibrators for women can be their best sex buddies.

A vibrator is one of the fantastic sex toys for girls to explore their body in different ways possible and experience maximum sexual satisfaction. This fun toy is obviously meant to give you rocking orgasms. The question is whether you are using it in a way that it makes you cry in ecstasy multiple times.

If not, then here are some sultry tips and tricks to get you to lose the count of orgasms every time you use it.

Be Au Fait with Your Toy

The vibrators for women come in different shapes and sizes. They also have varied settings in terms of speed, sound and intensity. Read all the instructions or watch an accompanying video, if available, to get familiar with how it works. As they say, knowledge is power and you must know your vibrator in and out.

Start With Foreplay

Foreplay is akin to an appetizer to the main course. Arouse yourself by listening to sexy music, reading or watching erotica, taking a sensual bath, lighting up scented candles or doing anything that makes you horny. Then, use the vibrator on your nipples, navel, thighs and other erogenous zones.


Tease Your Vagina

Tickle the exterior of your vagina gently with the tip of the vibrator. Keep the panties on or go bare, the choice and comfort are yours. Circle it around, rub it over, slide it up and down or move it just the way you like it. Keep the touches tender, mellow and lingering. Soon, you will be dripping wet, ready to take the vibrator deeper inside. But, hold on! Let’s extend the wait a little more.

Stimulate Your Clitoris

Now, try shallow penetration with the vibrator. Try to push it inside a bit and see how you feel. If it is comfortable, increase the pressure and slither it deeper inch by inch. You can apply a lubricant gel generously on your vibrator to make the penetration smoother.

Bring Fingering into Play

While you are sliding in the vibrator, use the other hand to rub your clitoris. This will give you dual stimulation. Insert the vibrator further and try to reach the G-spot. With each stroke of the vibrator, you will get closer towards orgasm and reach the climax hard.

Give Control to Your Partner

Once you are acquainted with the vibrator, trust your partner with it. Let him or her play with it on your body. Alternatively, you can use the vibrator on his body, especially during oral sex to heighten your own pleasure.

Keep Experimenting

Change the flavours of your sexual life by experimenting with different types of vibrators. For instance, try a wireless vibrator. It is usually connected via Bluetooth or a remote control. You can use it for masturbation, intercourse as well as remote sex. It will surely leave you begging for more!

Vibrators are designed to bring toe-curling orgasms. Even when your partner is tired or not around, a vibrator can unleash your desire as many as times you want.

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