5 Ways to Have Fun with Lube

5 Ways to Have Fun with Lube

If you thought that sex lube could be used only to infuse some slickness in ‘dry’ pastures or facilitate some intense thrusting and anal play, you need to pump up your creativity. You would be surprised to know that lubricants have a number of uses that have nothing to do with the obvious.

Here are five funtastic ways to bring personal lubricant into play in various ways.

Warming Up

Ditch the massage oil forlubes. Make your partner lie down on the bed and spread some lube on your hands or pour it directly on his or her body parts. Begin a gentle and sensual massage on your partner’s genitals and other erogenous zones. During the massage, add dirty talk in the mix. Tease the massaged areas with a blow for a cooling sensation. This little foreplay with the lube will heat the things up and set the pace for mind-blowing sex.

Lick it Away

Some lube for women and men come in delicious edible flavours and can explode your sex life with the diversity of taste. Apply the lube on your partner’s nipples, navel or private parts. Get started with sucking, licking and nibbling. The best brands of adult products offer lubes that are safe for body and consumption.

Glide Your Bodies in Rhythm

When both of you want to enjoy the feel of silken bodies, apply the lube together and on each other. Take turns to rub the lube or turn it into a little sex battle. Now, let your bodies slide up and down in a sensual dance. If you are doing it on the bed, don’t forget to spread a towel!

Put it in the Condom

The lubricant gel for males can be easily used to intensify his orgasms. Just before he is ready to wear the condom, add a few drops in it. Simultaneously, you can also apply it to his penis. The dual sensation will increase his sensitivity and heighten his sexual pleasure.

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Take it to the Shower

Your sexual romps are incomplete without a steamy session in the shower or in the pool. However, water can rob your woman of the natural lubrication. Don’t fret. The best lubricant for women can increase the slipperiness of her clitoris. Use silicon-based lube for water escapades as it won’t wash away.

There is no dearth of ideas when it comes to using lube in different creative ways possible to amp up your sex life. Just let the horses of your fantasy and imagination run wild!




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