Just Around The Corner

Saima’s grocer seemed to be spending more time at the gym rather than his store. At the same time, Saima wasn’t sure of his timetable either. She had been checking him out and frequenting the store to do that. Looked like he came to the store only for the late-night shift. Thank God, Saima’s bai was on a leave these days and poor Saima often had last minute grocery shopping to do for a late dinner. Otherwise, how would she look at him with those hungry eyes?

She grinned like a Cheshire cat. He was in. She was going in too. She needed a packet of milk today. Otherwise how would she make coffee in the morning? Little did she know that it wasn’t her turn to grin alone today. If she thought she hadn’t been noticed ogling the guy hungrily, she was mistaken. Akash, who was also the owner of the store had clearly noticed Saima and her odd timings to come and shop for groceries.

He saw Saima going around the store and picking a packet of milk. However, Saima didn’t look like she wanted to go. Instead, it looked like she was waiting for the odd shopper or two to leave the store, once they paid their bills.

As Saima pretended to continue examining the shelves, she also pretended to not see Akash draw the shutter half close. Before she even knew, this sex-feet two demigod of a man was breathing over her neck.

“Looking for something specific miss?” He whispered as his hands gently held Saima by her waist.

“Yes, ummm… actually I was looking for Iodex”, Saima blushed and tried to lie.

“Are you sure, it was Iodex and not Durex, miss?” Saima could hear the smirk in his voice as his grip on her tightened.

Their ragged breaths, fell in sync as she squirmed in his arms and once more, before she knew, Saima’s whimpers and soft moans were suppressed by his crushing lips on hers.

That night, when Saima returned from the store, she had with her a small bottle of Iodex and a huge grin on her face. She knew, there would be other days when she would need Durex.


I am a fun person who gets to watch porn for research. I have written books about BDSM and these days I love writing here in my newly discovered bindaas and Besharam style. Any questions, fantasies you want to have stories written about, or confessions to share, do drop me a line :)

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