A Hot Summer’s Noon

A warm draft of air swept in from the partially opened window, as Diana cursed the power cut that had already spoilt her weekly off, and her plans for popcorn and Netflix. Still too lazy to step out, she lay in her bed, the dying inverter managing to support the one fan that was still moving.

This was a disaster, first her date cancelled their meeting, and now she was stuck at home without electricity, or internet.

Her mind drifted to the big red velvet box in her cupboard, a jewellery box, but for the fact that it preserved something more precious – a ten-inch dildo. The dildo, that came with an inbuilt vibrator, was the best gift she had ever received. Carefully, she took the box out of the locker in her cupboard,and caressed it.


She took off her clothes, and dressed herself in some of her finest lingerie, like she would do for her date eventually. So what if it were too hot? She wasn’t surprised at her own wetness. She liked it messy, playing with herself and her toys. “Who wants the damn boys anyway. They are fickle and unreliable”, her anger still hadn’t subsided as she pulled a condom over the dildo.


“Come bunny”, she whispered to the dildo as she gently pushed it between her parted legs. Her imagination had gone to her tinder date, who had stood her and cancelled the date. As the toy worked its magic, Diana’s breathing became more laboured, her eyes slowly turning inwards and her moans gradually growing louder.

Her moans soon converted into passionate cries, as her core filled up,  her body twisted in excitement, her waist lifting up in ecstasy. She let out a loud cry of delight as she climaxed, dripping over her crisp white sheet which was already drenched in sweat.  Just as she was catching her breath, a cool breeze swept over her body. The power was back.



I am a fun person who gets to watch porn for research. I have written books about BDSM and these days I love writing here in my newly discovered bindaas and Besharam style. Any questions, fantasies you want to have stories written about, or confessions to share, do drop me a line :)

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