5 Anal Sex Myths Busted

Anal sex myths busted

It’s quite natural to be curious about anal sex, especially if you have never tried it earlier. Is it a safe and hygienic sex position? Is it painful or pleasurable? Let’s bust anal sex myths here so that you and your partner can induce steamy orgasms from every angle (pun intended!) without any misconceptions.

Myth#1: It is painful.

If this is true, then why anal sex is considered one of the most popular sex positions? Couples around the world have been known to spice up things in between the sheets through this position. Anal sex can be painful only if it’s not done the right way. The anus needs to be relaxed and lubricated enough for the entry of penis or anal sex toys. Try lubricants to loosen up the tight muscles and ease the discomfort. The rule is the more lube, the better.

Even foreplay can unwind tension knots and get you ready for backdoor entry. Start with fingers or tongues first. Roll the toy around the anal opening and cheeks to tease your partner. You can even use additional simulation toys like pasties or tongue vibrators to build the momentum. Most importantly, remember that you can enjoy anal sex the best when you take it slow.


Myth#2: It is unsafe.

Most people think that butt sex can weaken or permanently damage the anal muscles and also put both partners at risk for the sexually transmitted disease. Do you stop enjoying vaginal sex which is equally prone to these two dangers? Nah, you still go ahead and do it. So, it all comes down to engaging in responsible and well-informed sex. Anal sex is very safe as long as you take the necessary precautions.

You should use condoms for protection from infections and lubes for preventing tears in anal muscles. If you are using fingers or anal sex toys, make sure they are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before every encounter. It is also imperative that you avoid indulging in oral or vaginal sex right after the anal play. Wash yourself immediately and then continue from where you left. Also, ask your partner to wash hands and put on a new condom before inserting it in the mouth or vagina.



Myth#3: It is messy and unhygienic.

Some couples find anal sex repulsive because the experience can turn poop-y. There is no doubt that the appearance of a messy visitor during the throes of passion can freak out anyone. While the chances of this happening are extremely slim or rather nil, it is always advisable to know the facts and be prepared. Do note that faeces are not stored in the anus, but in the upper bowel where no penis, vibrator or dildo can reach (hopefully!). Still, it is better to be safe than sorry. So, go for a bowel movement, wash the anal canal and have a shower before indulging in anal sex. You can also ask your partner to wear latex or vinyl gloves while playing with your rear end.

It is also advisable to follow a healthy and balanced diet to ensure that your anal zone remains in the pink of health. A good diet will keep the poops healthy too and prevent the area from turning sore.


Myth#4: You will lose your partner’s respect.

This is such an outdated and hypocritical point! Mutual trust and communication play a vital role in anal sex. It is all about being comfortable with this position as well as each other’s body. If there is apprehension or it hurts, then you should not force your partner into doing it. Respect relationship boundaries.

What matters is that you both enjoy the experience. If your partner thinks you are a pervert, you may want to have a good talk about your relationship. However, if you are willing to be a student and just experiment to see if you like it or not, you could ask your partner to teach you a few tricks. You can take it forward or abandon it, based on what you feel.


Myth#5: It is taboo and unnatural.

While anal sex has got a bad reputation, there is nothing taboo or unnatural about it. Many couples love to experiment with this position to infuse excitement into their sex life. Butt sex has been around since ages and is as primitive as it can get. It is a natural part of human sexuality.

Anal sex is perfectly normal sexual activity. If you and your partner are comfortable with this position, give it a shot. Or else, there are always other ways to chase orgasms.



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