The Secret To Ultimate Pleasure: Men & Women

The Secret To Ultimate Pleasure Men & Women

Sex toys are becoming increasingly common among couples to brew their sex life with fun and excitement. When you buy sex toys online, you are spoilt for mind-boggling choices. So, how will you buy a toy that swirls your desire and makes you ride on the tides of passion? Well, here is your quick guide to sex toys that promise ultimate pleasure to you and your partner.

Sex Toys for Men

Among the sex toys for men, the following are the most popular ones.

  • Masturbators, also known as strokers, is ideal for first-time users. They are simple and basic and designed to stimulate a blow job. They are worn like a sleeve on the penis.
  • Penis rings or cock rings are designed to maintain a hard and long-lasting erection. They increase the size of the penis during the act. They are worn at the base of the penis.
  • Penis pumps are useful for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. The vacuum therapy design ensures that you get an impressive and firm erection within no time. You will have to follow a few steps to use it. Place the plastic tube over the penis. Pump the air out of the tube with the help of hand or electric button (as the design may be) to create a vacuum and pull the blood into the penis. Once the penis is erect, slide a constricting ring down to the base of the penis with the help of a lube. Remove the device and let the elation rush through your body.
  • Prostate, butt or anal toys are great for men who want to dive into the world of anal sex. However, the backdoor hole entry requires generous lubrication to relax the muscles. Use these toys only if you are comfortable.

Sex Toys for Women

Why should men have all the fun? The sex toys for girls have found their place on the nightstands as well! Check out which toys make you writhe in pleasure.

  • Vibrators are a must-have in every woman’s sex kitty. They are available in different shapes and sizes, depending on the functionality you prefer. You can choose from rabbit, G-spot, bullet, butterfly, clitoral and many other variants. They work exactly the way a real penis would. You can look forward to experiencing pulse-rocketing orgasms whether you use it solo or for coupled sex.
  • Dildos are perfect when you want to get the real feel of deep penetration. Soft, hard, thick, or slim – take your pick! Since they don’t need batteries, you can experience discreet pleasure without worrying about the sound of the motor.
  • Anal toys are made for those women who don’t mind indulging in the backdoor adventure. These toys have flared bases or loops at the end to ensure complete safety. There are also anal beads which have small balls of varying sizes to insert one by one up the anus as per your comfort. Lubes make it much easier to use anal toys without any glitch.


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