What’s on his mind?

A long hot shower was all Raj expected as he stepped inside his house after a hectic day. It was still early for Meera to be back, and Raj was in a mood to use this little ‘me time’ to pamper himself, and maybe cook a dinner. He had barely stepped in the living room, when some strange sounds coming from the bedroom caught his attention. He wondered if it was a thief or a cat that had snuck in.

He silently tiptoed to the bedroom, making a point to pick a knife from the table. He peeped inside the door, and the room was empty. Just when he was to dismiss it as imagination, he heard sounds coming from the shower. He wondered if Meera was back early, and then he noticed some unfamiliar clothes on the floor. They were a man’s clothes.

Why the fuck are there a man’s clothes in his bedroom? They were not his. Was someone from family visiting? Was Meera cheating on him? A 1000 thoughts crossed Raj’s mind. He braced himself and walked up to the bathroom, only to be shocked to see a stranger on his knees on the Bathroom floor. He was stark naked, and Meera was standing over him. The otherwise short, petite Meera, almost looked tall standing over this man that she was peeing on.

Ajay couldn’t believe his eyes. The man seemed happy, and Ajay felt his cock twitch a little as he saw the man kneeling and gradually cleaning Meera’s feet and legs, all the way up to her pussy. From where Ajay watches, they both seems to be too lost in the moment. Meera barked at the man as she grabbed his hair, “Make sure your please me well slave, or you will feel my husband’s belt on your naked ass”. The man mumbled something to the effect of “Yes Mistress”.

Ajay was transfixed. He couldn’t help but be amazed as he saw Meera burst into an orgasm over the slave’s face. Ajay’s own erection was evident. He didn’t like pee-play himself, but he certainly had other exciting ideas now that he knew.

Ajay snuck out before he was discovered. Quietly he closed the door behind him and then called Meera to tell her that he’ll be home in five.

“I have some exciting plans for us today Meera”. And he disconnected.


I am a fun person who gets to watch porn for research. I have written books about BDSM and these days I love writing here in my newly discovered bindaas and Besharam style. Any questions, fantasies you want to have stories written about, or confessions to share, do drop me a line :)

February 5, 2019

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