Deadlines and Dildos

Sex Toys and Vibrators for Women's Orgasmic Pleasure

Ananya had a deadline. Also, Saurabh was traveling. Ananya so wished, she could fuck, this once. It would clear all the fog in her head and she would be able to concentrate and work. Work can be so demanding most days and sex recreational. The only trouble being that Ananya was dealing with a rather tough client these days. He constantly kept shifting goalposts, was never happy with the quality of her work and yet, when she wanted to quit, he wouldn’t hear of it either.

“Sala Emotional Sadist!”, Ananya abused the client mentally.

Another 10 minutes and Ananya’s excel sheet still looked the same jumble-bumble that it was. She finally slammed her laptop shut, as gently as she could, pushed her chair back and swore again. It was too much to deal with and she didn’t know how to resolve it.

She tried to catch a quick nap. It didn’t work either. In the meanwhile, Saurabh and she texted about her sexual frustration as well.

“May I use the dildo Saurabh, please?” She had pleaded.

“Honey, I’m working”, was the response.

“She sent him an angry emoji and with a woman of resolve, she got up and pulled out the vibrating dildo nonetheless.

She clicked a picture and sent it to Saurabh.

Finally, in this battle of wars, Saurabh lost it.

“In it goes missy. For now. But trust me, you’re in for trouble”, flashed the text on her phone.

She grinned like a child in the candy store. She knew she was in for a treat!Sex Toys and Vibrators for Women's Orgasmic Pleasure


I am a fun person who gets to watch porn for research. I have written books about BDSM and these days I love writing here in my newly discovered bindaas and Besharam style. Any questions, fantasies you want to have stories written about, or confessions to share, do drop me a line :)

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