Spice up your sex life: Valentine’s Day Edition

Spice up your sex life Valentine’s Day Edition

Valentine’s day is right around the corner. We’re all tired of the stereotypical red roses, candle-light dinners and chocolates. It’s the day of love but love is not just about expressing it with material things. It’s also about intimacy. It’s about the cozy time together. It’s about the thrilling sex together. As Valentine day approaches, we are all asking, or at least thinking, of the same question: How to spice things up in the bedroom?


One simple way is to not restrict yourself to the bedroom! Go to the kitchen when your better-half is cooking and give them a treat they desire. It’s all about what you bring to the table. Replace the chocolates with edible bras. An edible bra can come in handy to make them extra delicious. Edible bras add a fun twist to regular foreplay. They look as sweet as they taste, and your partner will agree. Men, if you are willing to experiment with your intimate wear as well, go for male thongs. Nothing is more turning on than a man confident and comfortable with his sexuality. And of course, there’s the wine, the cream, the ice cream, the honey and so much more that you can lick off your partner.


If you are not a fan of creating a mess in the kitchen, shower is where you should head towards . Who doesn’t love a hot steamy shower? Showers are more fun with toys. But not floating ducks, sex toys. You can start off with a body massage in the shower with a body massage cream and take it from there. Slowly serenade them and make them feel needed. Everybody loves that extra attention, especially when it’s valentine’s day.


The idea of valentine’s day is to celebrate love, and make sure that both, you and your partner, have a great time. If there is something you have been wanting to try in the bedroom but haven’t been able to ask them, this is when you can talk to them about it. There is no shame in being kinky and the best way to try it out is to talk about it, see whether they are comfortable.

For those of you who think some roughing up is fun or want to experiment with BDSM, there is a wide range of BDSM sex toys available online. Replacing the roses with a handcuff is not only an unconventional idea, but also a fun one. The best way to incorporate these in your sex life is to start slow and gradually move to BDSM, talking throughout with your partner, making sure that both of you know what is working and what isn’t.  It is also important to discuss the ‘dos and don’ts’ beforehand and have a safe-word for the times you feel your partner is overpowering or if you feel uncomfortable.


It is all about fun experiments this valentine’s day. Drop those apprehensions of yours and you will be surprised at how much there is to explore in the sack. Anal sex has always been one of those sexual activities everyone is fascinated by, but rarely end up trying it. Anal sex is not as scary as it sounds. Lubrication is very important for anal sex. In fact, the more the lube, the better it is. Start with a good amount of foreplay, and gradually move from vaginal penetration to anal penetration. You can also use anal sex toys to funk it up.


We are sure some of you have amazing other ideas. Why don’t you tell us what’s your plan for this Valentine Day? In case you don’t have one, why wait, just use one of the ideas listed above and get going.


Happy Valentine’s day!


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