Holi-Report: You are Wet & High, What’s next to Try?


This holi, Get wet and get high! Chase your partner with these amazing super exciting moves to make your Holi unforgettable with your special-one.

‘Bura na maano, Holi hai!’

It’s that time of the year when the air reverberates with the melodious tunes of ‘rang barse’ and ‘balam pichkari’ songs, the aroma of yummilicious delicacies such as ‘thandai’ and ‘gujiyas’ tingle your taste buds and people chase each other with water guns and colours in their hands. The Indian festival of Holi is a delightfully messy affair and what a shame it would be to forego this opportunity to get sex naughty with your partner!

This Holi, ride high on the tide of passion with your partner with these sinful sex ideas:

Play it Hard with Condom Balloons

Bring your condom stack out of the closet and let them see the light of day. Fill them up with coloured water (believe us; nobody will notice what you are up to!) and throw them on your partner from right, left, centre, front and behind. When his eyes land on you, just grab another condom balloon and give it a gentle squeeze to tease him. Let his imagination speculate which part of his body you are thinking of while holding the balloon. He would immediately want to drag you on his shoulders like a caveman and head to the indoors for a wild romp. Word of caution – Please don’t do it to random, unsuspecting people.

Shake it  with Vibrating Panties

There couldn’t be a better time than Holi to enjoy discreet sex in public with your vibrating panties. Slip into one of those sexy black lace knickers fitted with a vibrating bullet. Hand over the remote control to your partner and let the show begin. You will squirm, quiver and rock in pleasure as your partner watches you from a distance and tests your endurance limit with different speed and functions of the bullet. Your scarlet face in the throes of passion will make your family and friends will wonder what’s happening, but let this be a dirty little secret between you and your partner.

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Soar High on Hotness Quotient with Sex Games

When you want to play a clandestine Holi with your lover in the hush-hush of your bedroom walls, couples games could spice up the things between the sheets. Take up a deck of cards with HIS and HER activities or think about any sex games where you can dare each other into doing something wicked. Every time either of you loses, you get to splash colours on your partner’s body. Or even better, use some edible paints, jams, jellies or juices and lick them off each other to make it a foodgasmic Holi! Get more innovative – dunk your breasts in colour or edibles of your choice and use them to sponge paint on his body. Or you can use your erection as the paintbrush to pain on hers.

Create a Racy Keepsake with Your Body as a Canvas

Did you know you could turn your raunchy sex session into an artistic masterpiece as a Holi keepsake? It is immensely fun and deliciously sinful stuff to enjoy. Spread a huge white sheet on your bed or on the floor. Smear non-toxic or organic paint on yours and your partner’s body. Oh common, we don’t need to guide you further what to do. Let your fantasies come alive and use your bodies as canvases to create intrinsic art reminder of your lovemaking escapade. If you want to get bolder, display it on your wall and let your visitors guess who the artist is!

Indulge in Steamy Shower Sex with Adult Toys

With all the hullaballoo of the festival  over and every inch of your outfit soaked in a myriad of the brightest pink, yellow, green, purple, red and green hues, all you need is a long and relaxing shower. But, wait! Why not make your shower session also sexy? Grab waterproof sex toys such as a vibrator, G-spot massager or masturbator and get going solo or with your partner. Start with rinsing off the colours on the body and move onto gently massaging or kneading breasts or genitals before taking your favourite sex position and diving in the vortex of sensations with these toys.

Holi can open up doors to all kinds of mischief you and your partner want to play with colours. Use it to your advantage this year.

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