Make Your First Night Extra Special


There is no doubt that wedding night is extra special to all couples. Whether you have sex before or not, bouts of excitement and jitters cloud your mind because it is your first night as a husband and wife. It heralds the arrival of new beginnings in your life and leaves behind a trail of cherished memories. Naturally, you want to make it unforgettable and surprise your husband with romantic sex ideas.

Well, fret not. We got you covered with mushy, naughty as well as practical marriage first night tips.

Talk About it Before Marriage

It is important that your mind is as prepared as your body to enjoy the first night.

Learn about each other’s sexual likes, dislikes and fantasies in an open, honest conversation before you tie the knot. Ideally, you should also discuss whether you want to use condoms, birth pills or any other kind of protection on the first night and even later. In case your periods are due around that time, you may want to tell your to-be-husband about it. You may decide to postpone the wedding night or consult your medical practitioner to prescribe a pill to delay the periods.

If you are a virgin bride, you may want to talk about your worries and seek assurance from him. Alternatively, you can talk to your sexually active friends to know about their experiences and get some tips. Such conversations will help you and your partner-to-be, ease out of the awkwardness and understand each other’s sexual preferences.

Set a Flirtatious Pace for the Night

The anticipation of what is to come, starts building a few hours before the wedding night. Vent out your nervous energy by flirting with each other as you go about meeting the guests. Talk with your eyes, hold hands and if you can, steal some passionate kisses away from prying eyes. This will heighten the sexual tension and increase your craving for each other.

Create a Dreamy Ambience

In all likelihood, your wedding night room would be decked up with flowers and candles. However, if you have exclusively enticing romantic ideas for husband in your mind, let your friends, cousins or hotel staff know. For example, you may want the room arranged with some special flowers other than roses, a bottle of his favourite wine/champagne/mini boozes, love notes written on the mirror, romantic instrumental music, aromatic massage oils, strawberries and chocolates, or a bag full of scented soaps and scrubs for a bubble bath together. These little details will set the erotic mood for the first night.

Dress to Seduce

The tradition says that a bride should stay dressed in her wedding outfit. When your husband lifts your veil, it could be a huge turn on for him. However, if you prefer to undress into something sensuous and comfy, then buy sexy lingerie for first night. Wear something seductive or frilly that knocks him off his feet and makes him flush in desire.

Close the Doors to the World

Your friends and relatives may just want to have fun at your expense and ruin your special night by springing noisy surprises on you. So, just hang the ‘do not disturb’ sign outside the door and switch off doorbells and put phones on silent mode (personal handset as well as the one for room service in the hotel) before you go about the big night. It should be just you and your husband, let everything else fade away in the pools of your love and lust.

Play with Sex Toys

If you and your husband have been already in an active sexual relationship with each other before marriage and want to infuse excitement on the wedding night, then sex toys or adult games could do the trick. Make your sexual escapades more thrilling with vibrators, dildos and other adult toys.

These first wedding night tips for bride should prepare you to enjoy the moments without any inhibitions. Lastly, just remember that trust and intimacy is more important than a physical relationship on the first night. Sex can always happen later.

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