Confessions of a Mumbai girl using a sex toy for the first time

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I am Divya. Name changed for obvious reasons, so no point to look for me on Facebook.

I am sort of an alpha female in a pack of awesome girls extremely liberated and free spirited in Bandra. Think of us as Mumbai’s own Sex and the city quarter. Minus the fact that we aren’t famous.

We talk on panties, lingerie vulva decoration what spring does to the G-spot and all sorts of things over cocktails often colored like ejaculate. I am the ice breaker. I am in charge on bringing bums and topics to the table.

But the day happened. Three months ago.

One of us brought a vibrator. We giggled like school girls. But I was panting. Not from being over excited down there but out of crying vanity. The alpha female had to take a back seat. I didn’t want to admit that… that… I had never used a sex toy before. Fortunately, that purple curvy thing took all the focus. It earned awe far more than I earned questions.

The very next day I placed an order from For my first ever sex toy. A vibrator. I read that package is discreet, no obscene image on the outside, no chance of getting “caught.”

Four days later the bell rang. The mailman handed a package. I quenched my jar but the mailman was oblivious. He had no clue what was the package. I was saved.

The package was light but I carried it with my both hands – like an offering. When I unwrapped and beheld the object inside my vagina pulsated. My very own… vagina… down….. there .. felt a pulse. Like a beating heart.

Am I cheating? Am I a slut? But I don’t have a boyfriend, we broke up a month ago, so how can I be cheating?  And I am not a slut. Shun off, voices of sanskaar!

I am not cheating…. I… I deserve this. I deserve to feel. I won’t tell anyone.

I felt haste. I practically ripped off my underwear. Took a few deep breaths and inserted the object inside me. Didn’t even read the manual. It looked so natural. Like an extension of me. And I pressed the button

Hooooolllyyyyyyyyyyy. What does the other button do? What if I pressed it again. I.. I feel

Spasms of bliss glistened through me. My body condensed around my vulva. And then. And then I touched my G-spot with that beautiful curved end. A micro second of touch and I exploded.

I moaned. Am I supposed to moan like this? Is it in the manual? Am I doing it right? Why didn’t I read the manual. I moaned. I gasped. I pushed it deeper. I looked for different angles. I pressed the button again.

A long string of vibrations passed through me. A long moan. Another spasm. Then third. Finch clenched, feet stabbed inside the mattress. I came abruptly. I leaked down there. It was amazing.

I relaxed. I lied. I wasn’t able to get up. I was suspended. By a sex toy

I was making love with me. I knew my every move and what pleased me. It wasn’t a mood game, I didn’t had to please anyone or ask or wait. I could carry as long as I wanted as much as I wanted regardless of some boy’s endurance level. I discovered avenues. I felt confident. I mapped the dots that lead to my avenue of pleasure.

I am an alpha female again.

I found new joy in controlling my sexual experience and turned evangelical about it.  I told tales to my group, spear the good word on the street as if baptized anew. My smile flashed, I felt in control and I felt happy. Playful and happy.

Off to play some more….

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